Inci name: Aqua (and) Butylene Glycol (and) CI 73360 (and) CI 77891 (and) Calcium Alginate (and) Gellan Gum (and) Agar (and) Phenoxyethanol (and) Propylene Glycol.

Real petals are used in cosmetic products to give beautiful and natural images. However, they cannot be rubbed or absorbed, and microbial control is hard on them. “Petals” are inspired by natural flowers, but they are beautiful capsules created by science.

Petals are colored aqueous gel wet microcapsules loaded with hydrophobic acitves. They are bathed in the free water to keep them fresh and intact, ultil they are applied in formulations such as transparent essential gels, shampoos, shower gels, eye gels, lotions and creams. They are easily broken down like cream without any residues.
Petals have soft sheen like real pearls to bring radiance, nutrition, silk feeling onto the skin like never before.

Packing: 1kg/bottle; 10kg/carton

Maker: Chongqing Pellets/ China

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