Shell GTL Sarawax SX55R

Inci name: Synthetic Wax

Shell GTL Sarawax SX50 (also known as SX50) is a synthetic paraffin wax consisting of linear alkane molecules polymerized from natural gas via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Being essentially an alkane material, Shell GTL Sarawax SX50 is stable and shows a good resistance towards oxidation. It can however be functionalized if required.
Shell GTL Sarawax SX50 does not dissolve in water and has a melting point in the range of 54°C –56°C. Being a gas-to-liquid (GTL) product, Shell GTL Sarawax SX50 contains zero sulphur and is virtually free from nitrogen, aromatics and heavy metals.

Packing: 25kg

Manufacturer: Connecting Chemistry

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