Vinyl ester 905-2-FLT (epoxy vinyl ester resin fire-retardant have chopped mat inside)

Swancor 905-2 – FLT is a product with chopped strand fibers built into it, creating convenience during use. The product has excellent fire resistance for FRP applications.

Swancor 905-2 – FLT is resistant to corrosion and stability in high temperature, so it is widely used in chemical tanks, pipes…

Product in the segment: Vinylester


Manufacturer: Swancor

Appearance/ Specifications:
Apearance Moss green liquid
Viscosity (25oC) 280 – 480 cPs
Gel time (25oC) 15 – 25 minutes
Shelf life (<25oC) 6 months

The above gelation characteristics determined using 0.4% accelerator (6% Co2+) and 1.2% v/w MEKPO catalyst (Butanox M-50) on 20g of resin.


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