AR Glass Fibre Chopped Strands

Maintaining the durability of E-glass fiberglass in cement is a big challenge. The structure of the fiber is broken causing the fiber’s tolerance to be reduced strongly. Therefore, alkali-resistant shredded yarn, which is high resistance to corrosion through the use of Zirconium-dioxide material, is developed to strengthen the fiber.

To achieve the alkali resistance effect, the required zro2 content in the fiber has been set up to 16% to be able to produce GFRC (Glass Fiber reinforced cement) durable material.

With efforts to improve the yarn’s tolerance, manufacturers have met and even surpassed the standards of EU BSEN 15422:2008 and USA ASTMC 1666 with a content of 16.7% ZR02 to increase the durability of the yarn.


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