Slap marble, quartz stone… a familiar phrase, a strong point in Vietnam’s export sector.

Present since the early days of the development of the artificial marble industry, SHCP has been included in the list of indispensable materials with cost competitiveness, quality stability, and long-standing technical characteristics UPR..

SHCP has researched and producted 2730 which is an orthophthalic type, with low viscosity, excellent wetting ability with high filler content, fast bubble release, and easy application process

Product in the segment: Artificial Marble

Specification: 225kg/drum

Supplier: SHCP – Singapore

Appearance/ Specifications:
Appearance Transparent liquid
Viscosity (25oC) 500 – 800 cPs
Gel time (25oC) 5 – 9 minutes
Shelf life (<25oC) 4 months

The above gelation characteristics determined using 1% v/w MEKPO catalyst (Butanox M-50) on 20g of resin.



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