Poly Marble

Polyester with high-quality filler is used in the artificial stone industry. The product is dimensionally stable, has rare shrinkage, good hardness, impact, and scratch resistance. Durable to mild chemical cleaners.

Common names of products: Marble resin, solid surface resin, imitation stone resin, resin make bathtub, resin makes kitchen countertops…

Depending on the requirements, each transparent polyester has a moderate viscosity for ease of processing by the user.

We provide many types of products for this category:

Poly 2739 B SHCP – Singapore block marble (quite low viscosity)
Poly 2730 SHCP – Singapore Slab marble.
Poly 2719 CM SHCP – Singapore solid surface.
Poly 2719 CMHH SHCP – Singapore waxy, high viscosity.
Poly 2720 B SHCP – Singapore transparent.
Poly 6021 ALC Enchuan – Taiwan poly marble
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